Philippines Basketball Betting

Philippines Basketball Betting Guide

In sports surely one of the worlds favorite is Basketball, because it can bring out your excitement to another level. NBA is the most significant professional basketball league in the world in terms of popularity, salaries, talent, and level of competition. The fans going crazy when the NBA finals begin, that is why no surprise

they are looking for a place to wager to their advantage. So we provided a legit online sportsbook for Basketball enthusiast. Online sports betting offers sports bettors some of the most exciting betting lines out of any sport out there. throughout the basketball season, there are typically games almost every night of the week, giving online bettors something different to bet on each day. But before you start betting, you need to find a reputable sportsbook.


Money line betting is another fairly popular betting option when it comes to betting on basketball because bettors simply must select which team they believe will win the game. Underdogs provide the most value but are less likely to win the game, and if you bet on the stronger team, the odds won’t pay out very well if you bet them on the money line. For example, if the odds of a money line wager feature the New York Knicks at +150 and the Toronto Raptors at -120, the Raptors are favored to win. Favorites are represented with a minus sign (-), while underdogs are represented with a plus sign (+). If you were to wager $120 in Raptors and they won, you’d win $100 and get a nice payout of $220. Since the Knicks are considered the underdog, in this case, a $120 wager will result in a $300 payout if they beat the Celtics your original $120 would be returned and you’d collect $180 for the Knicks win.

Point Spread

Point spread betting is big in basketball. the team you wager on must cover/beat the point spread. This means that the favored team must win by more than the outlined number of points or the underdog will receive that number of points as a head start. For Example, If Los Angeles Lakers Is Playing Cleveland Cavaliers, They’ll Be A Big Favorite. As A 12-Point Favorite (For Example), Lakers Must Win The Game By 12 Points Or More For Them To ‘Cover The Spread.’ Any Result Where Cleveland Wins Or Loses By Less Than 12 Points, Bets On Charlotte Against The Spread Would Win.

Los Angeles Lakers -12 (-110) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers +12 (-110)

Totals (Over/Under)

The second most popular method of wagering on basketball is in betting totals, also known as over/under. The oddsmakers will select a total number based on how they think the game will pan out. Essentially, a total is the predicted combined score of the two teams playing. A number will be posted, and bettors have the option of wagering more than the predicted total points will be scored (over), or less than the predicted total points will be scored (under). Let’s say the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers are facing off and the total set by the oddsmakers is 189. If you bet the UNDER, you think the total combined score will be less than 189 points. If you bet the OVER, you think that collectively Clippers and Bucks are going to score more than 189 points. If the score lands on 189 exactly, that’s a PUSH and your bet is refunded as if it never happened.


A parlay is a wager which combines several teams into a single bet. You can choose a 2 team parlay up to a 16 team parlay. The idea behind a parlay is that the payout is great if you can hit it, but you have to get every team in the parlay to cover the spread to win the bet. If one team does not cover the spread, you lose the entire bet. For example, you are wagering a 3 Team Parlay. For this wager to be a winner, all 3 teams you chose must be won. A $100 wager would win you $1516.27. Check out their Parlay Calculator to see what your potential payout will be.


A special teaser works similar to a regular teaser but gives even more points to the side that you choose. Basketball Teasers in Basketball, they offer 4, 4.5 and 5 point teasers. Some online basketball betting sites will even let you go as high as 8-10 points. Basketball Teasers are available on both NBA and College Basketball. For example If a player was to place a 5 point 2 team teaser on Golden State -9.5 and the Brooklyn Nets +4.5 then 5 points would be subtracted from Golden State’s spread and added to the Brooklyn Nets’ spread. The new spreads the player would need both to cover to win the wager would be Golden State -4.5 and Brooklyn +9.5. In the event of one or more legs being a push that leg(s) is discounted from the wager and if the other legs cover their spreads the teaser will pay accordingly e.g. if you have a NBA three team six point teaser and one leg pushes and the others cover then the teaser will be paid out as a two team teaser. In the event of a push on one leg in a two team teaser, two legs in a three team teaser etc. with the single leg covering then the teaser is considered a push and stakes are refunded.

Live Betting

Most sportsbook offer Live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting letting bettors find an edge while the game is happening. Live betting has become an increasingly popular way to bet on sports. Unlike a traditional wager before the game starts, you can wisely place a bet while watching the game unfold. Live basketball wagering lets you place bets as the game is actively playing, which is favored to punters if the favorite has struggled or if the underdog is giving their all and leading at the end of the first quarter.


Prop bets are very popular for betting on specific games. If you don’t like the point spread on a game. Basketball prop bets allow you to place wagers on events that are not directly associated with the outcome of the game. This betting style are a great way to still find some great action on that game. Prop bets need a little creativity on your part, but can be quite profitable if you hit on a good one. The different example of props bets range from things like team’s total number of rebounds or an individual player’s OVER/UNDER of projected points or like this ”who will score the first points of the game?”, ”will the team who scores first win the game?”, will Giannis Antetokounmpo score more than 26.5 total points in his next game against the Lakers? Of course, you would need a time machine to place that bet, but you get the idea. Props can involve the whole team or individual players, and are incredibly popular during the Finals.


Future bets are long term bets, the bets placed on which team will win what conference (East and West), each division or the NBA championship. For example, you can place bets on who you think will the league’s MVP. There are even bets available at the beginning of the season as to the over/under win totals for a specific team. The odds are better on each bet the earlier in the season that you make them. Generally, the further away the specific event is, the higher the potential payouts are.