Philippines Baseball Betting

Philippines Baseball Betting Guide

Baseball betting mostly favorite as one of the most popular markets for sports bettors. During the summer months, Baseball captured punter’s attention by offering a variety of unique wagering opportunities and live odds. A successful MLB plan considers the competence of starting pitchers and the pen, team home/away records

score potential, head to head records, and from the team offense. With thousands of yearly fixtures creating a large sample size to apply an analytical approach, learning how to bet on baseball could be the key to successful betting. Want to learn how to bet on baseball?

Unlike Football and Basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spread, Baseball is the moneyline sport. Advantage to betting baseball is the long, drawn out schedule. With so many games played every single day ( 2,430 regular season games total), wise guys are provided seemingly endless opportunities to maximize their edge.

 The most common assumption on why sports gambler don’t wager on baseball is that they dont know how. There is no point spread and the odds used for baseball wagering looks foreign to them. But its actually quite easy, let me show you how.

Betting Moneyline

Moneylines are the most common offering for the baseball betting, simply betting on which team will win the game. Using this example, therefore, you would bet $130 to win $100 on the favorite, while for the underdog you would bet $100 to win 120.

another example:  Team A -125 (the favorite) Team B +115 ( the underdog) , that means for every dollar you want to win on Team A Moneyline bet, you must wager $1.25. However, for every $1 wagered on the Team B moneyline, you can win $1.15.  Just remember the minus sign (-) always indicates the favorite and the plus sign (+) the underdog.

Betting Total Or Over/Under

An Over/Under bet is a wager in which the sportsbook will predict a number for a statistic in a given game, usually a combined score of the two teams. And bettors wager that the actual number in the game will be either higher or lower than that number.

for example: Team A is playing Team B, and the total is 9. A bet on the over wins if the total number of runs- Team A’s runs and Team B’s runs- Exceeds nine, and under wager wins if the total is less than nine. If the total lands on nine, the total is graded as a push and bets are refunded.

Betting Runline

This is the combination of  odds and moneyline used for wagering on baseball games.  However, it also offers sports bettors a bit of a point spread. Basically, the runline reverse payouts due to the fact that the favorite is put at a disadvantage while the underdog is awarded an advantage. Runlines are either 1.5 or are rare occasions 2.5 runs. Example: 

Kansas City Royals +1.5 – 125

 Boston Red Sox -1.5 + 105

With the Runline, if you bet on Royals, who have been given 1.5 runs, you must bet $125 to win $100. However, the Red Sox , who are listed at -1.5 runs, in essence spotting the Royals a run a half, now have underdog odds, as you can wager just $100 to win $105.

The favorite on the Runline will always be -1.5 meaning it must be win by more than 1.5 runs, and the underdog will always be +1.5 meaning it must be lose by no more than 1.5 runs.


A parlay is a choosing 2 or more teams combination is a popular bet but a harder wager than betting games individually. It Requires All Outcomes To Be Selected Correctly To Win. For Example, If You Parlay $100 On Yankees And Red Sox, You’ll Need Both Teams To Take The W To Win The Parlay Bet.


Do you predict New York Is Going To Win The World Series? Did you know you can bet on that at any time during the season? You Can Place A Futures Bet On It! If The Odds Are +500 Right Now And You Bet $100, New York Winning The World Series Would Win You $500. For example, the top contender may be +190 to win the World Series. That means a $100 bet would pay out a $190 profit. The weakest team might be +2,000. In that case, a $100 wager would pay $2,000 it is bigger. But the chances are smaller than to bet on the winning teams so you should predict wisely. Futures Are Offered Well In Advance Of Any Season And Are Continually Adjusted As It Unfolds.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets Are Additional Bets That Can Be Related To Specific Outcomes In A Game (Game Props) Or Player Performance (Player Props). a wide range of bets on various elements of baseball games including player and team statistics. bettors can often bet an Over/Under on how many hits a batter will have, or strikeouts a pitcher will have. One of the most popular prop bets in baseball betting is the R + H + E wager, where bettors bet an Over/Under on the total amount of runs, hits, and errors in a game.

Live/In-Game Betting

Live betting is wagering that occurs while a sport or event is being played. It’s also called in-play betting or in-running betting. The Ability To Bet On A Game As It Is Happening. The Odds Are Dynamic And Will Update Over The Course Of The Game, Based On The Real Action Taking Place. The only difference between live bets and pre-match bets is that one is placed while the game is being played and the other is placed before it starts.