How to deposit at Betting sites from Philippines

In order to start betting on your gambling site you’ll need to fund your account. Adding funds to your account is called depositing, we prepared a simple and basic step..

  Guide on how to Deposit in your Account

  1.  Log in
  2.  Visit the cashier
  3.  Select your preferred method
  4. Enter the relevant payment details
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Depositing money on the online gambling site is a challenge for many Filipino bettors, but there are options and better ways to do it. Using this methods:

  Credit Cards & Debit Cards

Sending money to online Casinos via credit or debit card is profoundly easy. example of well reputated cards that have proved that they are secure to use over the years. These includes Visa and Master Card. Hence, if you choose one of these cards all you have to do is to navigate to the payment page and fill the relevant card details which are specified by the fields on the page. After submitting your payment, the funds should be available in your online casino account instantly. Nonetheless, if you’re opting to use one of the credit cards mentioned you should note that transaction usually carry a charge of between 0.8%  to 1.3%

Money Gram

While many people fund their online gambling account with credit cards, don’t overlook the safety and reliability of a money transfer. With money transfer, you can send cash to the online casino, sportsbook or poker room of your choice without sharing the personal info that

comes with using a credit card. If you are residents of the Philippines, money transfer is the easiest way to fund your account. Most Filipinos used MoneyGram like the photo listed below.

Western Union

You can find the nearest Western Union location in the Philippines by visiting the Western Union Philippines website.

They’re a safe, easy and reliable way to deposit money into online casino accounts. There’s no need to provide personal deatails to the gambling site,

unlike a credit card payment. Credit card companies often treat payments to online casinos as cash advances, with high fees and interest rates.

To Transfer your cash to an online casino using a money transfer service:

  1. Confirm with the casino’s site the information you’ll need to initiate a transfer
  2. Create a account with a reputable money transfer service like MoneyGram or Western Union
  3.  Use the information obtained from casino to initiate a transaction for the desired amount.
  4. Forward any reference or tracking number to the online casino, which will confirm the transaction.

Reminder: keep in mind that the majority of money transfer providers will charge a transfer fee to send your money, so be sure to weigh this fee against the amount you’re sending. But there is a gambling website that reimburse the transfer fees for any  single deposit of $300 or more.