New York Yankees Jays vs Seattle Mariners
Date and Time: Saturday, August 7,2021 7:05 AM
Venue: Yankee Stadium
Prediction: New York Yankees
Bookmaker: 1xbet

The Seattle Mariners started their key road trip against the New York Yankees last Wednesday, and now on Saturday, August 7,2021. They will play four games against the Yankees as they conclude their other away games series against the Tampa Bay Rays last Wednesday.

The Seattle Mariners are currently 3rd placed team among the AL West teams while New York Yankees too is a 3rd placed team in AL East points table. The two teams have already played a 3 games series this season. The New York Yankees won the 3 game series by 2-1 in the backyard of the Seattle Mariners.

On Saturday the two teams will meet each other at Yankee Stadium located in Concourse, Bronx, New York City. The recent form and also considering the home advantage, New York Yankees have an edge over the Mariners in this game.

The Yankees will win in this game. As per them, New York Yankees have 61% win probability while the chances of Seattle Mariners defeating New York Yankees stands at 39%.

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