The Boston Celtics coaching vacancy is one of the most highly-valued sideline jobs in the league. According to recent NBA rumors, they are looking for a former player to fill the role vacated by Brad Stevens. The former Celtics manager has taken up a new role as president of basketball operations following their postseason exit in the first round.

“Whoever Boston hires will also have the opportunity to coach Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, two All-Stars with plenty of room to grow,” Jay King of The Athletic wrote. “Pushing Tatum and Brown to another level will be a huge part of the coaching job and could ultimately determine whether the next coach is successful. That could be part of the reason why the Celtics have been looking for a coach with NBA playing experience, according to sources. They would also like to hire a person of color, based on all indications.”

The opportunity to mentor Boston Celtics forwards Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown is one that any aspiring coach would be excited about. The two All-Stars are developing into a lethal duo that could rival any wing tandem in history. Teaching them how to use their talents and skills for the Celtics’ collective success will be one of the key challenges for the upcoming season.

This is exactly why the Boston Celtics want a former NBA player to take the reins. King also noted in his report that Tatum and Brown will be consulted ahead of any hiring.

There have already been a few interviews conducted for the Boston Celtics coaching job.

Among them are coaches who could potentially cover all the bases that the Boston Celtics want from their next big hire. Former Finals MVP Chauncey Billups is the biggest name on this list. He was under consideration for the LA Lakers job two years ago but Frank Vogel eventually took it up.

Ime Udoka and Darvin Ham are also being considered, but they are in line for other opportunities as well. Another big-name candidate is Fab Five member Juwan Howard, but he is expected to decline all offers.

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