The Phoenix Suns evened the series at two games apiece against the LA Lakers in Game 4 of the 2021 NBA playoffs. Anthony Davis went down with a groin strain and was ruled out for the rest of the evening. His absence was a boost for the Suns, who were led into a dominant second half by Chris Paul and co. LeBron James tried his best to get buckets and cut the lead, but some terrific defense by Phoenix put a stop to the LA Lakers’ offensive rhythm.

The game started a little lousy for both sides as they caused turnovers and unforced errors. LeBron James had a hot start, Cameron Payne dropped threes and Marc Gasol ended the first quarter with a shot at the buzzer to give the LA Lakers the lead.

However, King James kept the crowd on its feet with his spectacular showtime performances. A behind-the-back pass, spin dunk and off-the-window slam made the Suns realize that they are playing “Playoff LeBron”.

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