Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trail Blazers
Date and Time: Friday, May 28,2021 8:00 AM IST
Venue: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon.
Prediction: Denver Nuggets
Bookmaker: 1xbet

In Game 3, The Portland Trail Blazers will host the Denver Nuggets of an enticing NBA playoffs bout at the Moda Center in Portland. The Nuggets failed to take full advantage of their home court with the series tied 1-1.

The combination of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum has been crucial to the Portland Trail Blazers’ success so far. Nikola Jokic has continued to display MVP-worthy performances for the Denver Nuggets with the continued absence of Jamal Murray.

The Denver Nuggets had a slow start to the NBA playoffs but have hurriedly picked up the pace, thrashing the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 2. It was a battle of wits, and the Nuggets came out on top.

The Nuggets’ players upped the intensity and were aggressive throughout the entirety of Game 2. Although Damian Lillard caught fire early and scored 32 points in the first half, Aaron Gordon’s defensive effort on the Trail Blazers guard was enough to quell his hot hand in the second half.

The Portland Trail Blazers have put up a good fight so far against the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. As expected, the Trail Blazers backcourt is carrying the team and has done well against the third seed Denver Nuggets.

Jusuf Nurkic was outplayed in Game 2 as he was no match for the more aggressive Jokic. The Portland Trail Blazers bench also did not make a meaningful contribution to the scoring tally as all bench players combined for only 21 points.

Both teams have played to their full potential and know what they are capable of. However, things will get more competitive from here on out, which will result in narrow wins for either side.

Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets have shown that they have an answer for Damian Lillard without having to double-team him. That is a huge boost that could tip the tie in favor of the Nuggets. Even so, the Portland Trail Blazers guard must have found a way to operate freely and not get shut down the way he was in the second half of Game 2.

The home-court advantage might not account for much as the Denver Nuggets look the more likely to secure a win in Game 3.

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