David Johnson forecasts success for Murray and Rosen

Realistically, myriad seasons will need to come to pass before the final verdict is read upon whether the Arizona Cardinals’ decision to trade 2018 first-round selection Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins and start anew with another quarterback, 2019 first-round selection Kyler Murray, was the right move to make.

However, current Cardinals running back David Johnson believes the Cards and Fins will each be winners, as he recently prognosticated both signal-callers have magnificent NFL careers ahead of them.

“I think [Rosen’]s going to end up being one of the most dominant quarterbacks in this league,” Johnson told Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio.

So that’s good news for Dolphins fans. But what about the Cardinals faithful as it relates to the guy who Johnson will share the backfield with? “He’s going to be great,” Johnson said of Murray.

“It’s going to be scary for D-linemen. I remember I was just talking to Chandler [Jones], he has to kind of hesitate when he chases [Murray] down.”

While Johnson believes good fortune is to come in the desert as it relates to Murray, he also knows there are plenty who doubt Murray’s skill set. He had words for them also. “People are really underestimating his ability to throw,” Johnson said.

“He can throw dimes and he can throw the ball down the field, he’s been throwing it deep to Christian [Kirk], to those guys in the OTAs… these defenses are going to have to definitely practice against a scrambler like him.” Everything seems in line for Murray to overcome any rookie’s initial hurdle of garnering a starting spot.

However, roughly 3,000 miles away in Miami, Rosen has some stiff competition for the first-string job with Ryan Fitzpatrick. In some ways, it almost seems as though it’s par for Rosen’s course after the roller-coaster ride that saw him go from the Cardinals to the Dolphins after his rookie season.

“I definitely feel bad for Josh, what happened to him, the circumstances he was put in,” Johnson said.

Nevertheless, Rosen has found a new team and Murray has been proclaimed as the Cardinals’ quarterback of the future. Johnson’s vision forecasts seasons of success will come to fruition for the rookie Cardinal and sophomore Dolphin, alike.

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