CJ McCollum's Recent Twitter Likes Suggests He Wants Draymond in Portland

If CJ McCollum’s Twitter likes are any indication, he is a fan of the new and improved Draymond Green. The Blazers guard may have raised some eyebrows with how he envisions the Portland Trail Blazers 2020 free agency plan going.

If Green were to come to the Blazers, they would immediately jump to one of the favorites in the West, maybe slightly behind the Warriors. Green has one year remaining on his current deal, which means it is not completely out of the question that the Blazers try and steal the big man away from their rival.

McCollum and Damian Lillard have already created a dynamic team that reached the Western Conference Finals without the help of injured center Jusuf Nurkic. If Nurkic was healthy, the Blazers could possibly have stolen a couple of games from the defending champs.


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Add Draymond to that rotation and you would have a formidable foursome that would wreak havoc on the majority of the league on a daily basis. It is an interesting thought, one that McCollum certainly likes, and it may not be as far fetched as people think.